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Terms and Conditions of trade 2022


On acceptance of a quotation the customer must read and understand the terms and conditions that they are entering into.  Authority to proceed can be made in writing or verbally and this automatically constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions.


Quotations are valid for 30 days from the issued date, or as otherwise agreed in writing.

A booking fee of 25% will be charged out on acceptance of a quotation and must be paid to secure the booking.  All payment terms are COD unless agreed otherwise in writing.


The law that governs South Australian building contracts is the Building Work Contractors Act 1995.


All payment terms are stated in the quotation.  You may be charged interest on any overdue amounts at an interest rate of 6% plus the RBA cash rate per annum, from the due date of the invoice.  You also agree to indemnify ACS against any costs associated to recovering or attempting to recover overdue accounts.


ACS strive to achieve the desired finish to the best of their ability and will work with the concreter and or builder where necessary to increase the chances of achieving the desired result.  ACS will not however take responsibility for:

  • Uneven concrete,
  • Flaws and inconsistent colours / finish,
  • Concrete imperfections that may develop over time,
  • Concrete cracking,
  • Exposure of aggregate,
  • Oil or other contaminants in the concrete,
  • Structural movement,
  • Rising moisture,
  • Any unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.


Due to the nature of high-speed grinding up against other objects, some marks may occur on these surfaces.  ACS will take reasonable measures to prevent this damage however we will not be held responsible for any such damage as a result.


The customer must be aware that due to the handmade process of concrete grinding there may be minor imperfections in the finished floor, for example minor undulation, trowel marks, roller marks, etc.  Upon acceptance of a quotation you acknowledge that you are aware of this.


ACS is not responsible for any damage caused by other trades or external influences.  Care must be taken to protect a floor between first and second stages and this is the owner’s responsibility.  Do NOT use plastic to cover / protect the concrete floor as this may result in staining as the floor may sweat.  Tapes should not be used on a concrete floor as it can stain the floor or leave residue.


Any additional grinding or preparation required to correct concrete imperfections will be treated as a variation to the original quotation.


Clear access to site is the responsibility of the customer.  This includes removal of all debris from areas to be worked on in and removal of all scaffold / tools / machinery from these areas.  A minimum of 800mm width will be required for access of machinery.  All costs to lift and shift machinery on site will be at the customer’s expense.


ACS also needs clear access for a trailer (generator) and vehicle on site.  Parking and work permit costs will be passed onto the customer and may be the customer’s responsibility to arrange.


For new concrete pours the first grind must be started 5-15 days after the slab is poured.  If this initial grind is delayed beyond 15 days after the slab is poured then additional costs may be charged.

ACS will remove 3mm from the floor to achieve “full aggregate exposure”, anything over this will be charged separately.


The second stage of grinding / polishing must be scheduled after plasterboard is fitted but before painting, skirtings and joinery are installed.  When working alongside plasterboard, doors / windows, joinery and appliances ACS will be careful but take no responsibility for any unforeseen damage.


Curing compounds used when concrete is laid can prevent adequate bonding of concrete sealers and therefore is not recommended.  ACS take no responsibility for the failure of coatings which do not adequately bond due to curing compounds or contaminants contained in the concrete.


Provision for rubbish removal will be readily available on site unless specified otherwise in the quotation.


Unless specifically identified in a quotation, caulking and or reinstating control joints is not allowed for.  If needed, this work can be quoted as a variation to the original quotation.


ACS will endeavor to meet timing requirements outlined by its customer but will not be responsible for any costs associated to contracted work which takes longer to carry out than planned.

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